What should the public do about ISIS?

by: Shien Whirry Lou Igbus

CS14 MWF 10:00-11:00 SDV502

The catastrophe that happened in Paris stimulated the discernment of groups that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been employing in Mindanao despite the certainty of the government that there is no threat. Philippine National Police (PNP) spokesman Chief Supt. Wilben Mayor assured that there were only criminals and bandits. Mayor also said that the attentiveness of the citizens is required to guarantee that everyone will do their responsibility to make their communities harmless. Malacañang conducted authorities to confirm possible links to ISIS. Furthermore, Valenzuela City Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian prompted the government to join the global fight due to the issues caused by ISIS and also assisted pleas in the Senate to raise the budget for the Department of National Defense (DND) regarding global threats. The UN Security Council obliged all states to improve their efforts to avoid terrorism executed by ISIL or Da’esh.



In a news such as this, everyone is concerned for anyone who could be affected. Old and young; male and female; people from different walks of life, anyone who can already understand the consequences of the terror attacks and know or thinks that could a possibility that this could happen again and could happen to them are eager to know further news and updates. News are meant to inform and to educate, they are broadcasted in radios and televisions and are written in newspapers to let the people know what happened , what is happening, what will or would possibly happen so that they can do something or at least prepare for it. A story just like what happened in France that may relate to our country due to allegiances formed in Mindanao need to reach the general audience because at some point everyone has an involvement. People who have news kike this can help the audience prepare, and being prepared is of course so much better than being ignorant about what could happen.



Printed news, online news and TV news are reporting the same story, presentation coverage, range and specified sources cited. However, they don’t differ completely messages still exist, language placed in formation, and given meaning through interpretation.Online news such as Yahoo! News is 24/7 on demand. Readers can get in whenever we want it. Yahoo! News uses a wide variety of pictures that catches the reader’s attention also the objective of the message is in the headline but the true message is in the text. Printed news uses elaborated codes and uses the voice of the subject. Philippine Star tries to lure a wide range of readers into wanting to know more because it first mentioned the recent terror attack that had happened.TV news is delivered to us on network channels. GMA News TV begins its coverage with a controversial statement by Valenzuela City rep. Sherwin Gatchalian regarding the concern. This instantly sparks a judgment in the viewer’s mind to agree or disagree.



Usually,people are easily interested with thing or news which can affect them or may cause a difference in their everyday life, may it be a slight or a big change. What more if the news talks about a certain threat to their country; to their loved ones; as well as to their selves. In other words, a threat to the lives of many people. The recent attacks done by the ISIS that correlates to the ‘recruitment of members in Mindanao’ s  is  a dilemma to other countries and its people. How so? It is for the reason that not all are safe from the terrorists. What if they are harmed? Are they fine? What if the next target of ISIS is our country? See. There are a lot of what ifs and questions that require answers and these what ifs and questions are what encourage the people to listen,watch,or read the news.

Sources: http://m.philstar.com/314191/show/8e80406835eaa14dc708d28733c97ab5/?







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